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A SunRunr stand-alone solar power system is the renewable energy solution for most off-grid, supplemental, or backup power needs.  SunRunr is the original portable solar generator and offers the highest quality and output.  Units are available in various voltages appropriate to your application.  Although solar PV is most commonly used for energy generation, units are also wind and water turbine-ready.  The system is plug & play, expandable, and simply the best Watts per dollar on the market.  The company offers excellent customer service supporting the superior reputation of their investment-grade, long life, useful-load tool.  See Examples of What You Can Run and Compare Costs of Various Forms of Electricity.

As manufacturer, SunRunr sells direct to end user and to dealers, domestic and overseas, in quantities of one unit to container loads of 60 units.

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SUNRNR solar backup system

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Also, our first-ever price increase will go into effect 1 Apr 2017.

Contact SunRunr Home Office or a SunRunr Dealer with questions or to request a quote.
Each medium SunRunr system offers over 3kW between charges. See examples of what that means, including for well pump usage.
SunRunrs are stand-alone units. Take them anywhere you need power, night or day, or simply dedicate one to your well pump.
The average American home uses 30kWh per day. Each SunRunr could cover over 5% or even 10% with the additional pair of panels upgrade to a medium system.
NAICS:  221114, 444130
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