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Run A Well Pump Using Stored Solar Power

Check back soon as we will be adding the new graph for 4-panel SUNRNRs, running your pump for more time each day.

solar powered well pump15% of all SUNRNRs sold are dedicated to well pumps.

Fig 2c – AC End 240VAC/60Hz inverter (SUN240, “well pump”)
A. ON/OFF Switch
B. Over-temp LED Indicator Light
C. Over-load LED Indicator
D. Battery Voltage & Inverter Output Wattage Bar Graph Meters
E. Two AC Universal Outlets (3000W max continuous)
F. AC Terminal Block for Hardwiring Full Output

1 hp = 746 W  But true energy requirement comes from Amps times Volts

Well pumps and their power requirements are a highly complex issue:  2-wire, 3-wire, neutral, amperage, run time, soft start, head, horsepower,...

As a very rough starting point with no promises and possibly underestimating capability, a SUNRNR SUN240 is 60Hz and will run a 3/4hp water pump or 1+hp compressor using the conversion equation above to estimate run time available.

Call 540-271-3403 with your pump's specifications and we will provide a thumb's up or a thumb's down.  We'll be asking for horsepower and depth, but what we really need to know is the "AMP DRAW" both at start ("locked rotor") and while running and the run time of a pump cycle.  You may need to ask an electrician (or an electrically-inclined associate) to come by to take readings and get these numbers.

The Continuous Usage Graph may also be helpful here, showing it is possible to get ~1500W/day or 1-2 hours run time total per day.


NEMA plug for electrical panel connectionWith the help of a certified electrician and this PS5466-X plug, you can manually transfer the powering of your well pump from the grid to your SUN240. Please also visit the Products page for a new product development allowing for easier connection to the terminal block shown above.

Daily Maximum Power Output – One SUNRNR, Two Panels, 6 hours moderate sunshine each day

These charts show examples of using the full power output capability using the terminal block of the inverter while saving enough power to remain sustainable (each day similar to Day 1).  In the first one, usage is spread throughout the day like a residential well pump providing water at varying intervals, especially in the morning.  At this rate, even a small 10 gpm pump could provide 240 gallons of water.  The second chart applies to an application where full output power would use all the available (and still be sustainable) stored power over a period of 25 minutes once a day. 

Solar-powered well pump run time


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