SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc.
Renewable Energy ... Anytime, Anywhere

Overview of Uses, Applications

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Need power for off grid work or play?
Want to go "a little green"?

Maybe your house (or wallet) isn't suited for a full residential installation, especially including battery storage. Maybe you would like grid power where there is no grid. SUNRNR owners are a diverse crowd and have diverse applications:
  • "starter" or entry-level residential
  • cabins, outbuildings, marinas, distant well pumps
  • horse care, eco-lodges, RVing, tailgating
  • construction sites, electrical contractors, movie sets, concession stands, campgrounds (no noise!)
  • farmers and agribusiness
  • outdoor events (PA, computers, lights, charging stations, ...)
  • rural or tribal energy
  • electric scooters and bicycles, hybrid fleet
  • expeditionary personnel, military
  • non-connected communities worldwide
  • "car" camping
  • noise abatement situations (street crews!)
  • comm, UAV, or ham radio operators
  • government

What is Your Application?

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It is important to have a backup power supply to run lights, a pump, laptop, TV, radio, freezer/refrigerator, microwave, fan, furnace, phone charger, power tools or other vital electrical devices during power outages, even at night or during the storm.

Have you ever needed a generator to run the pump to get gasoline to run your gas generator?

And a SUNRNR may be used as supplemental electricity, reducing your utility bill, while awaiting its role as emergency backup power.


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