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Renewable Generator Uses, Applications

Need power for off grid work or play?

A SUNRNR solar generator energy system is great in many situations where portable or supplemental electricity is desired.  The inverter is capable of running high-amp loads and the unit is built for rugged use and sites.  No sparks means no danger of starting brush fires, no fumes to risk carbon monoxide poisoning, and no need to transport/store flammable liquid!
  • hunting cabins
  • outbuildings
  • marinas
  • distant well pumps
  • horse care
  • eco-lodges
  • contractors
  • farmers
  • outdoor events
  • RVing
  • tailgating
  • electric scooters and bicycles
  • movie sets
  • camping
  • noise abatement situations
  • concession stands

Power outages? Disaster response? Emergency preparedness?

A backup power supply to run lights, a pump, laptop, TV, radio, freezer/refrigerator, microwave, fan, furnace, phone charger, power tools or other vital electrical devices during power outages, even at night or during the storm can make a huge difference during emergencies.

Have you ever needed a generator to run the pump to get gasoline to run your gas generator?

And a SUNRNR may be used as supplemental electricity, reducing your utility bill, while awaiting its role as emergency backup power.

View our recent Disaster Response Applications powerpoint presentation to Emergency Management Personnel

What is Your Application?

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