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Renewable Energy ... Anytime, Anywhere

Technical Specifications - Generation, Storage, Output

Unit Chassis, including safety features

  • Master on/off disconnect switch for battery isolation and no phantom draw
  • Steel, powdercoated chassis for ruggedness, lifespan, and safety
  • 4" caster wheels for easy mobility
  • 3/4" rolled conduit handles for lifting by man or machine
  • 28"l x 15"w x 30"h;  260 lbs
  • Detailed user's manual; Easy to operate plug and play; Minimal maintenance
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty; Assembled in America
SUNRNR chassis

Solar Panels (Generation) - Two Kyocera KD140s Included

  • Max charge rate 280W, bright sunshine
  • Pre-wired and hinged with 30' cable  (up to 150' cable upgrade available)
  • 59.1"h x 26.3"w x 1.8"d; 27.5 lb each
  • KD140 spec sheet
  • Recommended rack and mounts on Related Products page
  • Use unit with or without panels connected

"DC End" - Charge Controller and DC Input/Output Portals 

  • Solar Portal:  panel cable quick connect and accessible 30-amp fuse protection
  • Solar Digital Charge Controller:  overcharge protection, digital LCD battery voltmeter and solar charge ammeter, LED battery and charge status display lights
  • AUX Portal:  chargeable by other 12VDC devices (30-amp max) such as conventional AC-DC charger or water/wind turbine
  • 12VDC output cigarette-lighter socket output
  • Simple converter allows for USB output
  • 12VDC direct from battery with link cord or AUX plug
  • Expansion power module portals (see below)
solar charge controller and panel portals
USB output

Energy Storage - Rechargeable Battery

  • 12VDC Deka 8D AGM - 2940 Whr (245 amp-hour) stored capacity (2000+Wh"useable")
  • 160 lbs (more weight = more storage)
  • 150-3100 cycles, 5-7 year (mfg) life depending on usage (we have some customers still happily using their units after 8 years)
  • Solar panels and auxiliary connector portals for recharging
  • Protected by solar digital charge controller
  • SUNLION lithium-ion option available
  • AGM/Gel Technical Manual
  • An AGM absorbed glass mat battery is fully recycleable! When it begins to hold less charge than desired, simply buy new battery (~$500) and have appliance repairperson or electrician swap them.

deka rechargeable battery

Output - Power Inverter (defines model)

  • Output:
    • SUN110:  110-120 VAC, 60 Hz
    • SUN240:  220-240 VAC, 60 Hz
    • SUN220:  220-240 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Modified sine wave (pure sine available on request - add $1000.)
  • Max continuous power:  3500+W (5000W rating)
  • Surge capacity (peak power):  10,000W
  • LED AC load and DC status bar graph meters
  • Power and fault LED indicators
  • Low voltage alarm and automatic shutdown
  • Four standard 15A 110VAC plug outlets or two universal 220-240VAC outlets
Power Inverter 110VAC

220VAC 50Hz inverter

System Expansion - SUNPWR Power Module

  • Doubles (or triples, etc) energy storage and generation
  • Shares main unit inverter (can also link two or more main units)
  • Quick connect by daisy-chaining units together
  • Electrically connected in parallel so voltage remains constant
  • Link cord included
double energy storage and solar panel generation

Manufactured at KVK Precision in Shenandoah, VA

KVK was selected by American Machinist as one of the top 10 US machine shops.

See Why SUNRNR?, Choosing a Portable Renewable Energy Generator, our blog, and What Will A SUNRNR Run? to put these Specifications in perspective.

For technical questions or support:
  • call 540-271-3403
  • email
  • see FAQs

  • PO Box 102 • Port Republic VA 24471 • 540-271-3403 • • Made in USA 
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