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Providing lights, fan, phone charging, and wifi hotspot for wonderful River & Roots Festival

Past Events (not updated regularly):

NPM Special Discounts

See special pricing details in calendar above!


National Preparedness Month PledgeNR of Virginia is supporting the Pledge to Prepare,'s theme for National Preparedness Month September 2012! During September, buy a SUNRNR renewable energy portable generator and get the second solar panel free for SUN110s & SUNPWRs or get 5% off SUN220s & SUN240s.
2012 has already seen some wild weather and related power outages and hurricane season is predicted to be "busy". 
And no need to wait until September - dealers have already been given this pricing so check with them first. Or you may order from the manufacturer in September by calling 540-271-3403 and mentioning code "NPM12".
Check out SUNRNR specifications and learn why 3500W is better, what 2000+Whrs stored means, and how SUNRNR is the best Watts-per-dollar and most useful portable solar electric system available. It doesn't take many refrigerator loads of spoiled food to see your return on investment. No toxic emissions, clean, silent, and maintenance-free unlike gas generators.
While awaiting its emergency backup role, your SUNRNR may be used to run your washing machine, recharge your scooter, provide power at a construction site, run your well pump, etc.
You may also wish to explore the resources of the NPM Coalition.
It’s “Saving Daylight Time” at SUNRNR! Purchase a SUN110 and/or SUNPWR portable solar generator energy system and get the second solar panel FREE!

Starting at 2am Sun, March 11, 2012 in honor of Daylight Savings Time, SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc will help you save daylight by including the additional solar panel option (a $550 value) for free with each purchase of a SUN110 or SUNPWR portable solar generator energy system. It is our way of welcoming Spring while also encouraging preparedness for its related severe weather. (Since SUN220s and SUN240s already come standard with two panels, their daylight savings special will be a 5% discount.) Offer ends on Earth Day, Sun, April 22, 2012.

You may order from the manufacturer by calling 540-271-3403 and mentioning code “DST”. However, you will likely find a better price and a similar offer through your regional dealer - click here then on the nearest marker on map.

Check out SUNRNR specifications and learn why 3500W is better than 1800W, what 2000+Whrs stored means, and how SUNRNR is the best Watts-per-dollar and most useful portable solar electric system available. New dealer applications welcome.

use and recharge keeps battery healthyReminders:
• A SUNRNR with an uncharged battery is as useless as a gas generator with no gas! They are made to be used, so if you’re already an owner, turn it on right now and do a load of laundry, make coffee, etc, then recharge it! Referrals rewarded with a free gift such as an energy usage monitor, a camcorder, or an LED lightbulb.
• 30% federal tax credit is good through 2016!
• SUNRNR is getting more “socialized” – don’t miss out on promotions like this and other product announcements! Follow, like, share, subscribe, blog, …. We are currently planning random-winner giveaways to our social media subscribers.
• Shipping is only half again as much, not double, when two units ship together.
• Our Florida dealer created this descriptive video of the product.
We had the pleasure of participating in the STAR-TIDES Fall Field Demo at Fort McNair in early October.  What a terrific concept and group of people and their products!  Collaborative, non-competitive, fully off-grid expo of resources:
Transformative Innovation for Development & Emergency Support   pumping, purifying water
solar cookers   SolarStik powered 75% of event
SUNRNR making solar popcorn
There were too many great participants to list here, but please visit the STAR-TIDES site.  And thank you to Dr Wells and the National Defense University!

National Preparedness Month 5% discount



SAT, JUNE 19, 2010   7:30pm

A SUNRNR using stored solar energy will be powering the showing of this film ... at night!  
The views presented in the film are not necessarily those of SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc.  We hope to show a series of educational films in the future, covering a variety of viewpoints and energy technologies.

A SUNRNR will be powering the Hoo-Ha's computerized timing, music, and PA systems.  There are some stills and video from last year's race on the 
Owner/Photos page.

hoo-ha kenda outdoor event