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The decision to purchase a sustainable power supply is rather substantial and an investment of several thousand dollars in a piece of equipment. As manufacturer, we prefer you have direct contact with SUNRNR HQ or one of our representatives (see below). Visit the Models/Systems page for SunRunr models and available upgrades. The Accessories page lists other options and related products.

Authorized dealers are listed below. A $1000 deposit per unit will be required. SUNRNR HQ accepts credit cards and checks. You may estimate your shipping cost or request a quote via the representative or at (provide your zip code).

recycle shipping materialsFor US export inquiries and/or dealerships, visit Purchase In Quantity to subscribe to our list and receive an inquiry response via newsletter.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT OUR newest trifold brochure, (older brochure) or CATALOG (these print best as 2-sided documents)

Note:  We recycle packing material for shipping!  Pallet will look similar to this and ships via freight truck. 


Godman Power Group, Inc
Godman Power Group
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Cask Global
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Alternative Energy, Inc
Alternative Energy
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SuperGreen Solutions
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Practical Preppers

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Be sure to visit the Tax Incentives page for information regarding
30% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credits and more!

Thank you for considering clean, renewable energy!

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