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Purchase in Quantity

SUNRNR sells individually and in quantity - minimum four units domestic and new global markets (2 skids at 2 units per skid) and minimum half-container global established markets (32 units with standard solar panel order; 48 without panels).  Full containers are double half-container quantities. Deposits due on order ($1000/unit US; 50% total order international).

The Models/Systems and Accessories pages describe the various SUNRNR models, options, and upgrades such as a personal powdercoat color and possibly using your own solar PV panels. We accept credit cards, checks, and wire transfers. You may estimate your shipping cost or request a quote via (provide US zip code or desired ports).

recycle shipping materials For US export inquiries and/or distributorships, subscribe to our list to receive an inquiry response via newsletter, or contact us at export@sunrnr.comYou might be interested in our commitment to export described in this press release.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT OUR BROCHURE or CATALOG  (these print best as 2-sided documents)

Note:  We recycle packing material for shipping!  Pallets look similar to this.


Be sure to visit the Tax Incentives page for information regarding
30% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credits and more!

Thank you for considering clean, renewable energy!

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