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SUNRNR Portable Renewable Energy Generators

portable solar generator system

SUN110 - "Our Flagship" Solar Generator 110/120 VAC, 60Hz 

SUN240 - "Well Pump" model for US devices 240 VAC60 Hz.

SUN220 - "European, African, South American" model
220/240 VAC, 50 Hz

These models offer 2000+ Wh stored and a 3500+W/7000+W surge inverter.  They only differ in their inverter's voltage/frequency output. Complete system technical details are posted on Specifications.
Rechargeable real-time or when idle by solar, wind, other.  Each unit comes standard with two 140 W solar panels and 30' cable.

MSRP: $4,350.00

Full Sine Inverter Upgrade
Upgrade to a pure sine wave inverter to run sensitive electronic devices (e.g. some pellet stoves, desktops, older audio).  Add 

power module expandable system

SUNPWR Power Module for Expanding System

Add another 2000+ Wh storage and 280+ W generation by quick-connect to main SUNRNR unit as shown here.  A SUNPWR shares the SUN110, SUN220, SUN240, or SUNLION inverter doubling your energy storage and generation without doubling the price!  Each SUNPWR comes standard with link cord and two 140W solar panels and 30' cable.

MSRP:  $3,450.00

Note:  System may be expanded by the sharing of batteries of any model (must have at least one SUN110, SUN220, SUN240, or SUNLION in system).  Link cord accessory below required.
     Two hinged panels w/junction boxes and 30' cable

All models come standard with two 140W Solar Panels, hinged and pre-wired with 30' of cable

Kyocera KD140 solar panel Panels are hinged to retain portability and functionality.  Standard pre-wired cable length is 30', but cable length is customizeable at order (see below).  Panels measure 59.1"h x 26.3"w x  1.8"d in aluminum frame; 27.5 lbs. (Kyocera spec sheet)

Custom Cable Length

Standard length of cable between panels and unit is 30 feet.  At order, you may request longer cabling. Typical lengths:
50' = $50 upgrade
100' = $370 upgrade
150' = $700 upgrade.

Rack and Mount Suggestions offered on Related Products page

Accessories, Options, Upgrades

AC DC charger

AC-DC Charger w/Auxiliary Plug

Although not necessarily the point, a SUNRNR's battery may be charged from the grid by the use of our AC-DC charger pre-wired with the applicable plug for connection to a units' auxiliary portal. 

auxiliary plug - wind turbine, charger, ...
Auxiliary Plug with starter cable (12VDC in/out)

This plug with 2' wired cable allows for the easy integration of other 30-amp max renewable energy recharging methods such as a wind turbine, a microhydro turbine, or a kinetic energy source (see below).  
It may also be used for drawing 12VDC up to 30 amps directly from the battery.
MSRP:  $35.00

Link Cord 

This cord (shown in Power Module picture above) connects units for the sharing of stored battery power.

It may also be used to supply 12VDC out up to 175 amps.
An excellent, efficient way to power DC equipment like certain well pumps and appliances. (Comes standard w/SUNPWR Power Modules.)   

MSRP:  $100.00
personal wind turbine  or  microhydro water turbine

Small Wind or Microhydro Water Turbine charging options

Using the Auxiliary Plug listed above, you may recharge a SUNRNR with your 12V, 300+W wind or water turbine.  Visit our Related Products page for more info or call with specification questions. Sold separately.
pedal-a-watt kinetic energy

Kinetic Energy Bicycle charging option

This clever power generation source may also be used to recharge your SUNRNR.  We add our plug; you add bicycle and one energetic human. 
MSRP:  $620.00 
Custom colors for tailgaters, hunters, etc

Tailgate or Hunter's Special - Custom Colors

Personalize your box!  Choose unit color options from standard choices:  Black, Silver, White, Maroon, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Brown/Tan.  Then apply your team decal or make camo. (allow 3+mo)
MSRP:  $125.00 
To order:  Visit the How to Purchase page to find a dealer or to buy factory-direct. 

Be sure to visit our Tax Incentive page to learn about credits of 30% or more!

To get shipping quotes, visit the Shipping/Freight Help page or call us at 540-271-3403.  The average has been $200-$500 within the lower 48.

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