SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc.
Renewable Energy ... Anytime, Anywhere

SUNRNR Product Overview

Stand-Alone Energy System:  Generate, Store, Use, Repeat

A SUNRNR solar generator energy system is great in many situations where backup or off-grid electricity is desired. Units may also be used as entry-level solar or supplemental electricity while awaiting any role as emergency backup power. See what owners are saying.

Units are available in various voltages depending on your application. The SUN110 offers power similar to residential power outlets. The SUN240 is widely used for water pump applications. The SUN220 is our international model. And the SUNPWR is the system expansion model, easily multiplying the amount of energy generation and storage. Although solar PV is most commonly used for energy generation, units are also wind and water turbine-ready. The system is plug&play, expandable, and simply the best Watts per dollar in the market. The company offers excellent customer service supporting the superior reputation of their investment-grade, long life, useful-load tool.  

Much more information is available on the Applications, FAQs, Products, Purchase, etc pages. Remember, you can always return to Home Page and use the Search button. You will find the weight and the cost go hand-in-hand with the quality and usefulness of the investment.

 A SUNRNR is Easy to Operate

Each SUNRNR unit has a main on/off switch, an inverter on/off switch, solar panel and wind turbine/aux connector portals, either four standard US or two "universal" receptacles depending on model, and a quick-connect plug for expanding the system by linking with another SUNRNR main unit (any model) or the SUNPWR power module. The user's manual provided with each unit describes the plug-and-play simplicity of operating and recharging.

A SUNRNR provides electricity from the stored energy in a rechargeable battery.  The battery may be charging while the unit is off or while in use and keeping it charged will extend its life and ensure maximum power is available when needed - day or night, cloudy or bright, windy or calm.

Think of a SUNRNR energy storage system like you do a financial “bank” - you can only withdraw electric energy that has been deposited in your account which is like a CD, an investment and asset. Your account has defined minimum and maximum limits and you can maintain a maximum balance by turning off the unit when not in use and recharging when possible.  Charging while in use is equivalent to earning 10% interest or more or getting cash back on your purchases (power consumption), stretching your "dollar". And best of all, your source of income is indefinitely renewable!


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