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power tool power to build deck

deck built yesterday at my place. SUNRNR provided 100% of power needed for 15 amp circular saw, compressor for air hammer, reciprocating saw, electric drill, 2-battery charge stations for 2-battery-powered drills, iPad, amplified speakers, iPhone charging. With only one panel connected – battery status remained at ¾+ - Bill F, PA

sunrnr powers full solar install Also provides power for residential install


Hi Bill,

Thought I´d just drop a line and let you know how the SUNRNRs are doing for us. We had purchased 2 units for emergency back up power as well as for daily use. We finally finished the steel frames for the panels, but we are still learning of their capabilities. We do know however, that they are capable of maintaining a small refrig and a large upright freezer on a good run of sunny days. We may be looking into an auxiliary wind turbine to supplement on cloudy days.

Overall, we are quite pleased with their performance, they have actually exceeded our expectations. The system is well constructed, is easy to put together and start up. Also, the customer support that you have provided prior to the sale as well as afterwards has been exceptional, we look forward to working with you again!

Thanks and have a good day!



Hi Joe and Scott,


Just wanted to let you both know that I really enjoy and am impressed with my

New SUNRNR 110.   it’s power—for both continuous and surge demands,

Is most impressive.  I’ve had it running my computer, washing machine, and refrigerator

all at the same time.   It did 4 loads of wash in one day and ran the refrigerator

continuously for almost 20 hours on the same charge before shutting itself down, due

to low battery.  It’s taken me a few days to get use to it’s solar charging ‘personality’.

Great system!  Also definitely appreciate your timely customer support response.  Thank you both again for such a super product,

Best wishes,  Gary B, FL

"By the way …
The SUNRNR ran my fridge while the power was out, after the recent storms.
Saved my bacon.
(Alright, I admit, I didn’t have any bacon in the fridge … but it did save my ice cream and lots of other stuff)
Ran a fan for a short time too, but I had to stop because I was low on juice.
I had recharged the scooter the afternoon of the storm and that almost completely drains the SUNRNR.
It was a challenge squeaking through until the power came back, but it worked.
I certainly had everyone else beat.
A fan and a fridge was a LOT during those few days."
-Walter, Roanoke
"Hi Scott,
We just got our power back on yesterday after nearly 5 days without. The 

SUNRNR I purchased from you last year worked like a charm, keeping our 
freezer cold and running the well pump for water when we needed it. 
Thanks for making a solid product that works as advertised.
Bill G"
Charlottesville, VA  7/12


"Looking for a solar solution but don’t know much about alternative energy.  The Sun Runner Solar series is the perfect solution.  Easily converted to permanent usage and ready for any power need these units are strong and dependable.  Designed as portable units they offer easy installation and flexibility, suitable for any use you can imagine.  We have been able to convert our 220 well over to a unit and now when power outages occur we have water!  Even with a houseful of girls and too much laundry the unit has been able to supply our needs.  We were able to complete the installation ourselves not to mention the added benefit of a 30% federal tax credit! Our 110 unit has been put to work generating energy for our greenhouse and although the unit cannot carry the full load when the 100+ degree weather we experience hits Sun Runner offers the option to link units to generate power no matter the load or need.  One added bonus is the Excellent Customer Service that Sun Runner offers which is more than refreshing in this day and age.  We couldn’t be happier with our purchase and look forward to expanding our solar usage!"
- Susan, NC 

Solar-powered washing machineWe use it almost daily to power the fridge and washing machine. All laundry is done via the unit; we just did 3 loads today. I can't remember if I told Scott that I tested the unit and it powers the well pump! We had an outage a few weeks back and I had just finished mowing and needed to shower so I plugged in the pump and it turned on, which was cool.  
- Steve R, Richmond, VA area

Quote from distributor SolarUpNC’s customer:  “I’ve been researching solar generators for a few months and this is the most complete package and the best design.”  He is going to use it to build a cabin in the NC mountains which is breaking ground next week.
A SUNRNR personal microgrid in use in a Florida cabana  Off grid cabana and LED lights powered by a SUNRNR

I really do love having the Sunrnr..It really is great..a great design.Perfect for its intended use. .I am running a couple of led lights ( direct dc with a home made switch panel) , a ceiling fan, 32" tv, small stereo, laptop
 etc.. Only problem is that as I see how great it works I want to keep adding loads to it.  more lights, more ceiling fans, landscape lights etc.......It is such a great feeling being off grid and and just seeing things work...magical really...
- Charles C, Coconut Grove, FL

Hi Joe 

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the SunRnr generator, and as
you already know, how pleased I am with you taking so much time to answer
all my questions. It is so re-assuring knowing that as long as the sun
shines, come hurricanes or grid outages, I will still be able to have power
for the most important things. With this unit...seeing how well built it portable and easy to roll it is..I know I made the right decision
purchasing this particular sun generator. Thank you for everything, Joe.

Much happiness to you and your family,

solar powered electric scooterI love my SUNRNR, especially for my electric scooter.

I have clean transportation and the energy is also cleanly produced, so I am truly traveling green.

A recent contractor was absolutely thrilled to use clean energy for the project he helped me with.

Every time I run anything off the SUNRNR, I feel good about it.

Every watt counts.

And my garage, with no electricity of its own, now has lights.
- Walter B, Roanoke, VA

"Before purchasing the SUNRNR I did my research. I concluded it's the best value on the market as compared with the solar power kits in its class. Now that I've been using my SUNRNR for almost a year, I haven't been disappointed. The SUNRNR packs the most power from a renewable source in a compact and relatively convenient package. Just turn on the SUNRNR, connect the panels to the unit and you're charging. Then just use the SUNRNR AC outlets like any other outlet in your house. I live in a wooded area and use it as backup for insurance in case of an outage and to run some appliances to lower costs on regular basis."

- Paul M, Villanova, PA