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Off-Grid, Remote Site, Agribusiness, RV, More


Please see Frequently Asked Questions including:
  • What can I run and for how long?
  • What about air conditioning?
  • What is cost of running new overhead power to site?
  • How is a SUNRNR better than other solar options?
  • What size pump can a SUNRNR run?
  • Can I use a SUNRNR indoors?
  • Can I use a SUNRNR in any weather?
  • Can I recharge it with sources other than solar?

SUNRNRs handle high-draw loads such as power tools and water pumps
Users - Individuals:
  • Use as primary power for cabin, tiny home, bungalow, workshop, electric scooter, outbuilding, well pump, horse barn, ...
  • Average cost of running new overhead power lines to site?  $200/mi, can be up to $500/mi
  • Ideal for outdoor events or "car" camping
  • Non-combustion energy means no spark or danger of starting brush fires, no noise, and no need to transport/store flammable liquid!
  • Use indoors
  • 30% Federal tax credit applies to most applications
Users - Commercial:
  • All of the above plus ...
  • Agribusinesses of many types! Farmers, Greenhouses, and so many more small businesses (Be sure to visit USDA's Rural Energy for America Program for grants and loans!)
  • Ideal for small construction sites, movie sets, or street crews with noise abatement constraints
  • One pic shows SUNRNR being used to install residential solar:)
  • Ecotourism, Marinas, RV Parks
  • Commercial tax rebates often apply
Users - International:
  • All of the above plus ...
  • Ideal for areas with no grid or unreliable grid and/or frequent power outages
  • No fossil fuel-related issues (scarcity, price, dangers, transport, dependence, ...)
  • Transportable to villages, remote locations, non-interconnected zones

(If you are looking to one-man carry, there may be other products better suited for your application.)

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