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SunRunr wins FEMA 2016 Individual and Community Preparedness Award for Technological Innovation (press release, blog)
SunRunr participates in StartUpAfrica w/amazing entrepreneurs
Exporting Push - Virginia Business Magazine
Story by Jessica Sabbath and photo by Mark Rhodes, VA Business
Virginia Business Magazine
Daily News-Record Valley article by Vic Bradshaw 4/30/16

Valley Businesswoman Makes Return White House Visit

SUNRNR Owner In On Sustainable Energy Talk
white house business forward council    

Daily News-Record Front Page article by Vic Bradshaw 11/28/15, photo by Nikki Fox, DN-R
SUNRNR Owners Experience Early Success With Product
Scott & Jenny French at KVK
HomePower article…/s…/equipment-products/portable-pv is a very well-done article in Home Power by Jeffrey Yago on portable solar products ranging from hand-held to trailered. SUNRNR greatly appreciates being included, but we wish to add a few comments. Yes, SUNRNRs can run electronics and small appliances, but a SUNRNR's forte is higher-load or longer-duration appliances, such as power tools or microwaves, because of the 5000W/10000W surge inverter. One owner runs a refrigerator 6 days before he has to put it back on the grid for a day or two while the SUNRNR fully recharges. Another has dedicated his washing machine to a unit while waiting until the SUNRNR is needed for a power outage. The article highlights the SUN110, but there are also three other models: SUN240 (well pump), SUN220 (int'l), and SUNPWR (expansion module).
Our educational article, Portable Solar Generators 101, was published in AltEnergyMagazine 
maximum sustainable constant load
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SUNRNR on page 61 of Innovative Properties Worldwide's Digital Copy of The Legacy Series: Honoring The Contributions Of Steve Jobs
oil spill disaster preparedness
SUNRNR at renewable energy event

SUNRNR powered a prototype oil separator to help with the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

NeuroRestorative Participants in Virginia Work to Renew their Vocational Skills and Portable Energy

Breezy Hill Vocational ProgramThrough a partnership with SUNRNR of Virginia, a local manufacturer of zero-emission, portable generators run by renewable energy, participants of NeuroRestorative Virginia have found a rewarding employment opportunity.  For nearly a year, the participants have worked for SUNRNR each week, assembling the parts and inner workings of the generators that are then shipped to locations all over the world, providing energy sources in remote areas in places as far away as Australia.

The SUNRNRs are entirely produced  in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and work by storing energy made by solar panels or wind turbine to produce electricity to run lights, fans, computers, water pumps and other devices in an environmentally-friendly way.  More here
mentioned us in this article
Richard Smith, of Middlebrook, displays a portable SUNRNR solar powered generator
Finding the Energy: News Virginian Renewable Energy Article (Wind, JMU ISAT, Solar, Obama)

 By Gina Farthing

Published: January 25, 2009

When soaring oil prices sent prices at the pump spilling over $4 a gallon last summer, renewable energy suppliers such as Charlottesville’s Jason Ivey sensed Americans’ interest in long-ignored alternatives surging.

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