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Lithium Ion SUNLION

Li-Ion Cost Difference
lithium ion cost
Substituting Li-Ion in place of the standard AGM battery will cost over $2000 extra per kW and we recommend a minimum of 3 kW.   (However, expected battery life is four times greater.)  Now brace yourself, you'll also want 2-8 more solar panels to make going lithium worthwhile (i.e. up to $4000 additional).
Li-Ion Weight Difference
lihium ion weight
An AGM battery weighs about 55 lbs per kW of storage capacity;  Li-Ion batteries weigh about 25 lbs per kW.  A 3kW SUNLION will weigh about 170 lbs and can be the linking power module of a solar electric power system or the primary unit of any offered inverter-model type. 

SUNLIONSUNLION Characteristics

The SUNLION unit looks similar to any other SUNRNR on the outside, but the inside (lithium ion in place of AGM battery) makes the input/output characteristics quite different:
  • Lithium Ion batteries can charge at a faster rate (50+%) than the 10% of battery capacity to which an AGM battery is limited.  Each kW of Li-Ion can accept the charge of at least two 140W solar panels.  That means a minimal 3kW SUNLION can fly over 800W of solar panels and as we always say, the power is in the panels.
  • However, an AGM battery is better than a Li-Ion at providing the hard start-up power for certain loads.  
  • SUNRNR models are defined by their inverters (or lack thereof with respect to the non-invertered SUNPWR Power Module), not battery type.  Any model can have either AGM or Li-Ion battery storage.  It is possible to mix and match, e.g. having an AGM primary unit and a Li-Ion power module.
  • BUT ... various Li-Ion technologies are being researched and the dust hasn't settled. SUNRNR recommends postponing any SUNLION orders for now.  Said another way:  Jeff Chamberlain, who heads the lab's Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Research Science, told AVweb in an exclusive interview that overpromising on battery capacity is a result of snake-oil salesmanship and overenthusiastic entrepreneurs. But the fact is, lithium ion batteries remain a difficult and challenging chemistry to improve.

lithium ion unit linked with AGM unit  +  add 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panelsadd 8 solar panels

Of Note:  You might wish to read the Washington Posts' articles related to cobalt and lithium mining.

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