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Emergency Backup Power


Please see Frequently Asked Questions including:
Users - Residential:
  • Power appliances, lights, fan, laptop, water pump, TV, microwave, phone charger, power tools, etc
  • Save refrigerator food (outage over four hours) and half-full freezer (12 hrs)
  • Don't wait for outages! Use daily to reduce utility bill and keep battery healthy and charged. (Wouldn't want to do that with a gas-powered generator, would you?)
  • Use indoors - no spark, no fumes to risk carbon monoxide poisoning, no noise, and no need to transport/store flammable liquid!
  • Use day or night and with or without solar panels attached
  • Reasonable Return on Investment in comparison to fossil fuel generators
  • Have you ever needed a generator to run the pump to get gasoline to run your gas generator?
  • Would your gas generator start right now if needed?
Users - Commercial:
  • All of the above plus ...
  • Keep business open by powering essentials
Users - International:
  • All of the above plus ...
  • Ideal for areas with no grid or unreliable grid and/or frequent power outages
  • Transportable to disaster sites for general necessities or for power tools, cleanup
  • No fossil fuel-related issues (scarcity, price, dangers, transport, ...)

(However, if you are looking for automatic switching or full house backup, there may be other products better suited for your application.)

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