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Continuous Usage Graph

Check back soon as we will be adding the new graph for 4-panel SUNRNRs!
It will show the ability to have 110W/hr, every hour, every day.
That is almost 9% of the average American household's consumption.

Daily/Constant Electrical Load – One SUNRNR, Two Panels, 6 hours moderate sunshine each day

The following demonstrates the sustainable constant load that may be drawn from a SUNRNR when a recharging source is available, in this case by solar.  Day Two, Three, Etc would be equivalent to Day One.  This chart is based on average hourly usage of 60W.  Some parts of the day might require more than 60W and some less.  60 Watts per hour is equivalent to 1440 Watts per day (5% of average US household usage).  Every additional SUNRNR main unit or power module increases the Watts available for constant use by 100%.  Also see What Will a SUNRNR Run?

Constant Daily Sustainable Load

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