SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc.
Renewable Energy ... Anytime, Anywhere

About SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc

Mission Statement:

  • Live and work with integrity and honor
  • Provide a useful, green, quality product at an affordable price
  • Create jobs in America
  • Offer microgrid power option for countries needing electricity for clean water, etc.
  • Help educate in the areas of power consumption, requirements, alternatives
  • Promote sustainability

Company History:

SUNRNR (now dba SunRunr) of Virginia, Inc started in the Shenandoah Valley in 2004 when Alan Mattichak realized the need and potential for a non-gasoline, alternative energy, portable generator, rechargeable battery, energy storage system with useful power available for remote location, off grid electricity, or backup for work, recreation, and supplemental power.

After years of engineering, testing, design improvements, and patenting, SunRunr systems are now available and affordable to the public.  Visit our product pages for details, purchasing information, and product comparisons to see why SunRunr is your best portable solar energy system solution.
NeuroRestorative Program SupporterOccupational Therapy NeuroRestorative residentsSunRunr also supports the NeuroRestorative Virginia at Breezy Hill Program by subcontracting supervised raw-material-to-finished-product assembly of wiring harnesses to several of the veteran and civilian residents.  By providing cognitive skills-building, mental and physical stimulation, recreation, non-competitive wages, and useful work, these activities help acquired brain injury residents with community integration and daily living skills. Read NeuroRestorative Virginia's article or the Valley Banner article on this wonderful, symbiotic relationship.

Management Team:

Alan Mattichak, Principal/Founder/Inventor
Involved in energy cogeneration systems and power plants (turbine, diesel, steam) his entire adult life.  Also President of Mattichak Energy Systems.

Scott French, Principal/Business Manager
Background in Management/Accounting
President of successful small business for 30 years.

Jenny Jager French, Principal/President
MS Aerospace Engineering, PE

SunRunner tag

Al using stored solar power off grid
Scott and Jenny with JMU international business class

PS  The legal stuff that needs to be stated somewhere:
- These portable solar energy systems are patented and the name is trademarked.
- Information, including product pricing and availability, may be changed or updated without notice.
- SUNRNR of Virginia will not sell or distribute personal information submitted through this website.

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